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World War II & Canisius College

The demands made by World War II altered life for students, staff and administrators at most universities and colleges across the nation. Canisius College was no exception.  From 1941-1945,  the Canisius population drastically diminished as 1,766 students and faculty from Canisius College served in the military.  Of that number 65 men were killed in action, 46 wounded, 590 commissioned as officers, and 113 men were decorated. The reduced student body and demands of a wartime economy greatly affected student life at Canisius and forced the college to adjust its administrative and educational operations.

This display offers a glimpse at Canisius life during the war years, 1941 - 1945, and the toll the war exacted from this college.  It covers the life for Canisians on the homefront, the world of the Army Air Corps stationed at Canisius College from 1943 - 1944, the World War II scrapbook maintained by the College, and several important faculty and students during the war years. 



Although not all inclusive, this display attempts to cover the most important aspects of Canisius life as affected by World War II.  Every effort has been made to be objective in the choice of materials which were taken from the Canisius Archives collection.  Selections were made based on reference to the war or effects of the war on student life.  The items are organized thematically and chronologically.