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Curriculum Center

curriculum centerThe Curriculum Center is one of the library’s most unique and popular collections. It is a specialized collection of PreK- 12 materials that all majors may find useful. Materials in the Curriculum Center include books, big books, toys, puppets, games, unit & lesson plans, movies, textbooks, activity books, kits, fiction books, non-fiction books, and educational e-books that you can borrow. These items may be used to enrich and add interest to lesson plans or presentations, to students or adults, in a range of subject areas or situations.

The center has a large fiction collection that includes many of the new young adult series. Our non-fiction collection has numerous animal books that may be of interest to ABEC majors. The center has some high school level textbooks that may assist you in your introductory courses, ex, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus. Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Counseling majors may find the materials helpful when connecting with clients. There is a potential use with virtually any field or major.