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Banned Books Week 2014

Banned Book Week returns to the Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library this Monday, September 22  through Friday, September 26, with several events. The librarians and staff  join their professional colleagues throughout the country this week to raise awareness of censorship, promote freedom to read, intellectual freedom, and tolerance.We invite you to explore the library, engage in discussions, think about the new, different, innovative, even controversial ideas others may share, and recognize that tolerance of each other and your ideas is the aim of this week. The American Library Association provides these resources for you to discover and use this week.


The complete schedule of library events for Banned Book Week 2014

Moses the Griffalo Should be Banned Contest

Moses the Griffalo Should be Banned Contest – That’s right. You walk by him every time you visit  the ALB Library. And he’s riddled with a mane of …well, book spines. Take a look. Any titles around his neck that you think deserve to be banned from the shelves? (Suspend belief, here, we know they were removed, or they wouldn’t be part of Moses' Mane). Pick up an entry blank from the Circulation Desk, and judge a book by part of its cover, and list your choices to clean-up Moses. Go on, do it. Prizes? Of course.

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