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Evaluating Sources: Books


Book Strengths Book Weaknesses
  • Content is focused and delves deeply on topics
  • Go through an editorial process to check facts, clarity, and typos.
  • Provide excellent background or historical information.
  • Takes a long time to write and publish.
  • Not the best source for topics where information is constantly changing.
  • Not the best source for recent or current events.


  • Is the book organized in a structured way?
  • Is the information you need easy to find?
    • Does the book have a Table of Contents, Chapter Titles, Index, etc.
  • Does the book contain an introduction to explain it's purpose?
  • Does it contain supporting materials (i.e. Glossary, Tables, Charts, Maps, etc.)?
  • Does it include references?

Click on the worksheet below to download.  Answer the questions to determine if the book you have chosen will be of use for your project.