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Evaluating Sources: Journal Articles

Database Identification of Sources

Most of our databases allow users to filter their results by type of resource. Users can also choose to only have scholarly articles in their results. Check in the Advanced Search window or in the column to the left of the screen to see the option to see only scholarship (or magazines, newspapers, etc.).


Journal Article Strengths Journal Article Weaknesses
  • Lengthy articles written by scholars, professors or researchers within the specific discipline.
  • Specific terminology pertaining to the subject matter.
  • Inclusion of bibliographies and/or charts, graphs, tables.
  • Terminology and depth of articles may be difficult to understand if reader is not familiar with the subject matter.
  • Amount of information may be overwhelming.

  • Is there a thesis statement?
  • Is the article informative?
  • Can you find the information you need easily?
  • Does the research support the thesis statement?
  • Are there references and/or a bibliography?
  • Does the article include supporting material (i.e. Maps, Illustrations, Photographs, Charts, Tables, etc.