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Instruction Booking Form

  • Library instruction should support an assignment that students are working on in your class.
  • If it matters to you, it matters to them. Your attendance and participation are required.
  • Requests for instruction should be made two weeks in advance of the session to allow us to properly prepare. A requested date must be at least two weeks from the date of request.
  • A reply email will be sent by the librarians confirming your class. We will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • For more information, please see our Instruction Guidlines.
About the date
A requested date must be at least two weeks from the date of request. This allows us time to prepare a meaningful session tailored to the goals of your course or assignment as well as to provide adequate coverage in the library while we are in class.
*It is possible that you already agreed on a date with a librarian that is less than two weeks away; you may note this in the Additional Information field below.
A description of the assignment that requires student information literacy skills and what you would like students to learn as a result of the library instruction session.
Attach a copy of your assignment and click upload. PDF, DOC, or DOCX formats accepted.
We will do our best to accommodate this request.
We would like to gather student responses on their perception of the effectiveness of the information literacy instruction session(s) delivered by the librarian and its impact on their completion of research-related assignments for your class. If you agree, we would like to add a few questions to your online course evaluation regarding the library instruction. Results of only these questions will be sent to us by the Office of Research and Institutional Effectiveness.