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Recommended places to start your Philosophy research.

Philosophy Resources


These online encyclopedias are excellent places to begin your research because they give an overview of the state of the philosophical literature on a number of topics. You should use these as starting places in your research in order, first, to get an overview of your topic and, second, to get a sense of what scholars have been saying about your topic, including the important sources (articles or books) that you will need to consult. Rarely will you cite encyclopedia entries themselves as a source in a college-level paper.

for scholarly journal articles related to Philosophy, listed in order of importance

The study of philosophy is frequently interdisciplinary.   Therefore, you may have to look in several databases to find appropriate articles. Does your topic lend itself to Psychology? History? Literature? Medicine? Science?

Journals of Interest:


Library databases are easier to use for research than Google.

  • The Library has paid for you to have access - many articles found online charge for access.
  • Resources have been evaluated by journal editors, peer-reviewers, database companies and librarians before becoming part of our collection.
  • Much easier to cite - all the citation information is easily identifiable and often the citations are already created for you.

* When using Google Scholar, set your preferences to search the Canisius Library collection. If you have access to a source through the library, it will link directly from your Google Scholar result list.

Books can be a good place to find other sources by using the bibliographies at the end of a book. Since books are sometimes collections of individual essays or articles compiled into a book source, you might not need to read the whole book in order to use it as a source.

The best way to search the library catalog is through Primo.

What is a Monograph?
A monograph is a fancy way of saying a scholarly book. More formally, it is a very detailed scholarly book on a specialized subject. Monographs are often written by scholars in a field for other scholars in a field to read (i.e. they have an intended academic audience). Usually one volume in length, a monograph will include a very long bibliography or reference list.