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Freedom to Read: Banned Films

It's Not Just Books: Film Censorship

It's Not Just Books: Film Censorship

It's not just books that are censored and banned. Films also have a long history being challenged, often for the same reasons that books are.

History of Film Censorship

Censorship of Motion Pictures

The history of film in the United States is the history of censorship. It is a complex story of bigotry, greed, political intrigue, and most fundamentally, conflicting visions of the American dream, art, and liberty. From Edison's The Kiss (1895) to Kubrick's Lolita (1962), every film made or shown in the United States was subject to formal governmental censorship. It is impossible to understand U.S. film without understanding the climate of control that shadowed the medium from its outset. [Read the full article]

Timeline on the History of Film Censorship

Video: The History of Hollywood Censorship and the Ratings System

Censored and Banned Films in the Library's Collection

From Wikipedia's List of films banned in the United States, these films are in the library's collection. Click the title for the film's full description.