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Wii Gaming System Policy

The Canisius College Library welcomes registered students to use the Wii™ Gaming System in the lower level game area designated for the purpose. The Library’s Gaming Area is designed to offer a casual space, and encourage fun and relaxation.

Patrons must read, agree, and sign the policy associated with the Wii™ Gaming System before using it. This policy is to ensure proper use of the equipment, and allow fair access to all students. Any damages that occur to the library’s space, equipment, and/or to the Wii™ and its accessories will be the responsibility of the student(s ) using the area at the time the damage occurs. Special events and tournaments may preclude private use. Failure to follow this policy may result in loss of Library Wii™ Gaming System privileges.

Use of Wii™ Gaming System Policy

  1. Each student using the Wii™ must have a valid Canisius Student ID card.
  2. Game playing will be limited to 30 minutes (1/2 hour). If no one is waiting to use the game, play may continue; but, players must end play if someone else signs up to use the Wii™. Players must end play immediately at the request of the library staff.
  3. Students must sign in to use the Wii™ at the Circulation desk. No prior reservations/holds will be permitted.
  4. Student(s) will be given the controllers or other accessories that are needed to play when the Wii™ is requested. After playing, check items back in at the Circulation Desk to a staff member, and sign out.
  5. Players using the Wii™ must wear the wrist leash. Failing to use wrist leash may result in being asked to stop play.
  6. Players using the Wii™ area are asked to respect others using the library, and keep volume and noise level low.
  7. Players may only use the Library’s Wii™ equipment. Personal electronic games, memory cards, or extra accessories may not be used at the library.
  8. Wii™ games will not be checked out for use outside of the library.
  9. Players must stop play and check equipment back in at the Circulation desk 30 minutes before the library closes. Staff will announce closing via the public address system to all patrons 30 minutes prior to closing time. This will be your cue to stop play.
  10. The Wii™ Gaming System may be limited to use during specified gaming hours only.