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He's Back ...


The 23rd president of Canisius College, Rev. Vincent M. Cooke, S.J. has returned to the College. And he’s taken up residence in the ALB Library.


Dr. Ellen O. Conley, Vice President for Student Affairs, whose avocations include sculpting, recently created a series of sculptures that include busts of well-known Canisius Jesuits. Among those, is Father Cooke. Thanks to Dr. Conley that sculpture is now properly displayed on the first floor of the college library after a brief “visit” last year. An unveiling took place on August 8, 2012.


Father Cooke used to joke that one of his biggest accomplishments was bringing Tim Hortons’ Café and Bake Shop to the library. A frequent visitor to the coffee shop, Father Cooke knew the well-worn path through the library to the inside door of Tim’s. Coffee cup in hand, he’d roam the library collections and regularly stop by the Service Desk with his selection of library materials, where he was also known to chat with staff about their reading habits, recommendations and updates to library offerings.


Now, it’s your turn. Come to the library, grab a cup of coffee from Tim’s, and sit by Dr. Conley’s gift to the College--the sculpture of Father Cooke. Be inspired and “go exploring” through our great collections.  The new academic year is underway with “boundless” opportunities.

Archives Speaker Series Showcases Larkin Company

Canisius College Archives Speaker Series presents its Spring offering, “Documenting Marketing History: Researching Buffalo’s Larkin Company” on Thursday, April 26 at 2:30 p.m. Bouwhuis Library, 2nd floor.


Howard Stanger, PhD, professor of management and history, and Christine Schnaithmann MA, research and teaching assistant,  department of cultural history and theory, Humboldt-Universitat, Berlin, are featured speakers. Together they will offer a transatlantic examination of Buffalo's remarkable Larkin Company.

Stanger, a noted authority on labor history, will share his research about Buffalo’s once prominent Larkin Soap Manufacturing Company, including the development of its unique corporate culture and how it started the buying club-based marketing practices, almost a century before today’s big box stores picked up on the concept. Ms. Schnaithmann will share her investigation of the relationship between office organization and architecture using Frank Lloyd Wright's Larking Building as a case study.


Company founder, John D. Larkin counted among his employees Frank and Darwin D. Martin, whose 125 Jewett Parkway home was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and Elbert Hubbard, who pioneered his own enterprising artisan community -The Roycrofters. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright also designed the Larkin Company’s innovative and gigantic office building, where today, a revitalized growing and vibrant manufacturing area -The Hydraulic District – is located on the edge of downtown Buffalo.


The Archives Speaker Series features scholars whose work is reliant on archival research, and who have produced an expression of scholarship based on that research. This event is free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be served. For more information contact Kathleen DeLaney, Archivist at or ext. 8421

Who IS Andrew L. Bouwhuis, S. J.?

His name is on the the building and this page. Your library is named for Rev. Andrew L. Bouwhuis, S.J., College Librarian  from 1935-55, and spent more than half his 52 years in the Jesuit order as College Librarian (now called Library Director).  Born in Buffalo in 1895, he began his Canisius career  just after the library moved from its original home in a second-floor classroom of Old Main to the first floor. Up until then, Jesuits had been living in those first floor rooms. They were relocated to the 3rd and 4th floors while Fr.Bouwhuis made order out of chaos.  He had "space limitations, no staff, poor furnishings, and non-existent  procedures of opertation." He was intent on making the library the focal point of campus life. One of his decisions ---to hire female staff ...undoubtedly helped. Canisius was still an all-male college. 

Father Bouwhuis died in 1967. When this building was rededicated in his memory in 1968, the late Rev. James M. Demske, 22nd president of the College, said, "He was the pattern of a great librarian... Fr. Bouwhuis was a lover of books, but he was no recluse...his love of libraries was in no way inconsistant with his love of people. He loved books precisely because he loved people." At the ceremony, the librarians were asked to consider the need of contributions from electronic media as part of education. We've considered. And as you read here, we continue to follow that suggestion. For more information on Canisius History visit the College Archives on the Library's 2nd floor, or click on:

ALB Library offers drop-in workshops

Trying to figure out the difference between scholarly, popular, primary, and secondary sources? Come to the Evaluating Sources workshop at ALB Library on Monday February 20th @ 6pm.


Need help finding sources for your papers or projects? Is your research taking way too long? Stop by ALB Library Monday February 27th @ 6pm for a Database Searching workshop.


Having trouble figuring out how to put your bibliography together? There is a Citations workshop every Thursday (starting February 16th) @ 7pm. All workshops are drop in, no registration is required.


Please call the ALB Library reference desk if you have questions: 888-8411.


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