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Citing YouTube Videos, Blogs, Tweets, and Facebook Posts

internet.jpgYou just finished writing your research paper and realized that you used sources that cannot be cited as a book or article.  


Now what?   


Well, both MLA and APA have guidelines for citing these types of sources.  Below are some examples.





Teachbytes “Social Media Citation Guide”

More atypical citation examples can be found for APA,  MLA and for Standardized Test Review in APA format.

Curriculum Center

curriculum centerThe Curriculum Center is one of the library’s most unique and popular collections. It is a specialized collection of PreK- 12 materials that all majors may find useful. Materials in the Curriculum Center include books, big books, toys, puppets, games, unit & lesson plans, movies, textbooks, activity books, kits, fiction books, non-fiction books, and educational e-books that you can borrow. These items may be used to enrich and add interest to lesson plans or presentations, to students or adults, in a range of subject areas or situations.

The center has a large fiction collection that includes many of the new young adult series. Our non-fiction collection has numerous animal books that may be of interest to ABEC majors. The center has some high school level textbooks that may assist you in your introductory courses, ex, Chemistry, Physics, Calculus. Criminal Justice, Psychology, or Counseling majors may find the materials helpful when connecting with clients. There is a potential use with virtually any field or major.

Citation Guide

I need to cite that? How do I do that?

Most research assignments require you to gather, evaluate, and use the work of others. When you use others’ work you must give them credit. Assignments vary, and different professors may want you to use different citation styles. APA, MLA, Turabian, Chicago, CSE…the list goes on and on, and it is enough to make your head spin.

How do you begin to make sense of this? Well, you may want to look at our citation guide to help you navigate through many of the different citation styles. The guide includes sample papers, videos on how create citations, recommended citation generators and much more.

Case Studies - Business & Marketing

Need to find a Case Study for your Business or Marketing Class? A case study tells what happened to and within a business or industry over time.

The best place to find these documents is a business database. Canisius has access to many different business databases and most have case studies, but the best database to start in is ABI/Inform. Begin by typing in your company or industry name. Then scroll down to Document type. Click on the box next to “case study” and then click the search button. Another option is to search with the keywords “case study” AND your company name or industry, ex. “case study” AND manufacturing.


Medical Case Studies

Finding Case Studies for your Bio Classes can be a bit tricky but the library is here to help. A Case Study is an implementation of a research method involving an up-close, in-depth, and detailed examination of a subject of study. There are a few sources to help you do this. The best way is to use the Medline database. Begin by typing in the name of a disease or disorder. Then scroll down and under “Document Type”, choose “Case Reports” and then run your search. Another option is to use The General Science Collection database. Here, you choose Advanced search in the header bar (looks like a magnifying glass). After typing in your search, there is a pull down menu called “Select Document Type(s)” and you can choose “Case Study”.



Library Printing Changes

Over break, the college has replaced the printers in the library. There are some changes you need to be aware of.

  • When printing from a Library computer you have 2 new choices:
    • To print in Black and White, select: PAPERCUT00-MyGrayscalePrintJob
    • To print in Color, select: PAPERCUT00-MyColorPrintJob
  • You absolutely need a Canisius ID card in order to print.
    • You can no longer type in your Student ID number at the release stations.
  • Library staff does not have the ability to release prints for anyone who:
    • does not have their ID card.
    • is printing for work study purposes.
  • If you print from a personal laptop, you will have to reconfigure your device to the new system.
  • If you have any issues setting this up, contact ITS.

Faculty, Get Your Items on Course Reserve


Faculty, if you need library items placed on course reserve please submit this form. Provide as much detail for each item that you can (Title, Author, Publication Date, Call Number). The more information you provide, the easier it will be for us to retrieve the item for you.

If you would like an item on reserve that the library does not currently own, please contact your library liaison to facilitate that purchase. Please let your liaison know that you need the item for reserve and for what class it is for. As soon as we receive the item it will be processed and put on course reserve.

As per library policy, we do not purchase textbooks. If you would like a personal copy of a textbook on reserve, please bring it to the Library Service Desk and fill out a paper reserve request form. Due to copyright restrictions, all Course Reserves will be removed at the end of every semester.


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