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How to Find a Journal by Title

The library catalog will help you find items found in the library and the databases. This includes journals. Follow these steps to check if Canisius owns the title:

  • Go to the library website.
  • Click in the search box located in the center of the page, then type in the journal title, hit search.
  • Look through result list for the title.
  • The record will state if the title is online, in print or both. Online titles will be labeled "e-journal" and print titles will be labeled "journal."
  • To access the online e-journal, click on the “Full text online” link. To check our print holdings, click on the “Available” link. This will take you to the full catalog record for the print title.

If you need help, please stop by the reference desk, call us 716-888-8411 or email.

If you would like to browse our online journal titles, please click here.

Now I'm a College Student

college students.jpg

So wait, college is not just parties and fun? I have to do research papers?

I have to read how many chapters from my textbook by when????

I have to be responsible for myself? What do I do?????????????

Well, we cannot help you with everything but we can assist you with some of the ways you can succeed as a freshman. How? Well, this guide covers much of the basic academic information you may need your first year in college.

Welcome to your library! YOUR library!

The Canisius College Library has so much to offer. We provide support for campus teaching, learning and research as well as a social space for the college community. Come see our newly renovated first floor, including new study spaces and group areas.

The library is here to help you with your research needs. We are committed to providing you access to the research materials you need to be a successful student. We offer one on one help at the library desk. Consultation appointments with librarians are available to assist faculty and students alike.

We lend both academic and recreational books and films and take requests from the Canisius community. These services are available for both the on campus and online Canisius community.

Opening Reception for "Arrangements" by Augustina Droze

kingfishers in mound by augustina droze

The Library is hosting the opening reception for "Arrangements" by Augustina Droze, in the Peter A. and Mary Lou Vogt Gallery tonight, September 11th, from 5-7pm.

"Arrangements" is a series of work which investigates man's manipulation of nature through decorative arrangments of dead animals, insects and feathers.

Augustina Droze is an artist based in Buffalo, NY. She works primarily as a public artist and muralist as well as a painter. Droze is familiar with large scale public art through her work in mural projects, mixed media installations and sculptures. She has worked with a variety of public art agencies including The Chicago Public Art Group, the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, The Indianapolis Arts Council, Cleveland Public Art, numerous municipalities as well as large corporations including the Forbes Company. She currently has two large scale paintings on display at the Castellani Art Museum. More information can be found at

The exhibit runs from September 11th - October 7th.

Do You Have My Textbook?

textbook.jpgSome professors will put copies of your textbook on hold at the library under Course Reserves.

You can search our catalog by instructor or course name.

Course Reserves are located behind the library desk. They can be checked out for 3 hours and can only be used in the library.

If the textbook you need is not on reserve you can search our catalog or ConnectNY for a copy, or ask your instructor to put a personal copy on reserve.

Student Employment in the Library

Looking for a job on campus? Work at the Library!! We promise to provide a fun, positive, enriching work experience during your time here at Canisius. Please be advised, we can only hire students that qualify for Work-Study through financial aid.

We will have open interviews during the first week of the Fall semester, August 31st-September 4th. The times are 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Please bring a completed application (.docx) and a copy of your class schedule. For more information, see the job description (.pdf).

Faculty Resources: Putting the Puzzle Together

The library supports the information literacy efforts of departments and individual courses. Our librarians strive to provide transformative learning experiences for your students through in-person and online instruction, tailored online resource guides to meet your course goals, and offering assignment and teaching tools that you can employ in your courses.

Each department has been provided a library liaison to serve as your contact in the library to ensure your students have access to needed resources, such as suggesting purchases for Course Reserves. We also provide services such as Interlibrary Loan and ConnectNY to support your own research. For more information, please see our Faculty Resources Guide for all of our offerings to support campus-wide information literacy skills.

Library Renovation Underway

The library renovation is underway and we have some temporary changes in the way we operate.

These changes are:

  • The main entrance to the library is closed.
  • Patrons must use the temporary entrance at Tim Horton’s to enter the library.
  • The upper and lower levels are restricted to library staff.
  • Our Service Desk is located just past Tim Hortons (see picture below). The Library Service Desk, while temporary, is fully operational.
  • If you need materials please request them through the library’s catalog. We are processing material requests every 2 hours to accommodate any inconvenience the renovation may be causing.
  • Curriculum Center requests are processed in the morning so please plan accordingly.
  • Our entire DVD collection is located along the temporary wall of the new space.
  • The Library Learning Center is now serving as a computer lab for the summer (see picture below).
  • Any library instruction requested will take place either in the regularly scheduled classroom or a computer classroom in Old Main. If you have any questions regarding Library Instruction please contact Pat Coward (
  • The Archives and Special Collections will maintain the same hours of operation. If you have any questions regarding the Archives and Special Collections please contact Kathleen Delaney (

temporary library service desk

Library Renovation This Summer

Below is the floor plan for the main level of the library. During the summer this space will be undergoing major renovation. The area below the black line will be usable space. The area above the black line will be off limits.

floor plan during renovation

There are some things to consider while the renovation is underway.

How this will affect our operating procedures:

  • The main entrance to the library will be closed.
  • You will be able to enter the library through a temporary entrance that will be established at Tim Hortons (through the glass wall).
  • The upper and lower levels of the library will be restricted to library staff only.
  • We will have a temporary Service Desk located by the Library Learning Center.
  • We ask that you request materials to be held for you through the library’s website. Requests for materials will be processed every 2 hours. You will then be able to pick them up at our temporary service desk.
  • Visitors will not be allowed access to the library during this renovation phase.

Some other things to consider:

  • Due to space issues, some collections may not be physically browsable. Of course you will be able to request the items that you may not have access to.
  • Materials in the Curriculum Center will only be accessible via the Hold system and will take longer than 2 hours to retrieve. Please plan accordingly.
  • The Library will maintain the same hours of operation as previous summers.
    • Monday - Thursday: 8:00 am - 10:00 pm
    • Friday: 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
    • Saturday: 10:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Any library instruction requested will take place either in the regularly scheduled classroom or a computer classroom in Old Main. If you have any questions regarding Library Instruction please contact Kelly Lambert (
  • The Archives and Special Collections will maintain the same hours of operation. If you have any questions regarding the Archives and Special Collections please contact Kathleen Delaney (


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