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Absolute Madness - Catherine Pelonero

You Are Cordially Invited To The

Book Launch and Lecture for


A True Story of a Serial Killer, Race and a City Divided


Tuesday, November 7, 2017 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Burchfield Penney Art Center

1300 Elmwood Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14222


Lecture and Q&A with New York Times best-selling author and Buffalo native Catherine Pelonero is hosted by SUNY Buffalo State Archives & Special Collections Charles Rand Penney Speaker Series in association with Canisius College Rev. J. Clayton Murray, S.J. Archives & Special Collections Archives Speaker Series.

ABSOLUTE MADNESS is the true story of Buffalo’s Joseph Christopher.

Known as both the .22 Caliber Killer and the Midtown Slasher, Christopher targeted black males in a killing spree that began in Buffalo in September 1980 and sparked one of the most intense investigations in local history. Ms. Pelonero will share how her research into several Buffalo archives unfolded the Christopher story and revealed haunting facts that still scar Buffalo.

For more information contact: Kathleen DeLaney, or 716-888-8421

Free parking at the Burchfield. Open to the public.

Banned Book Week Event - Tuesday, September 26

banned book week 2017 logo from ALA

Dedication : Celebrating Drs. Kim Leavitt-Noble and Karen Dott-Doner

ALB Library Curriculum Center

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

1:00 p.m.

The School of Education and Human Services will unveil and dedicate two bronze statues of children reading in the ALB Library’s Curriculum center to commemorate the lives of their colleagues Drs.Kimberly Leavitt-Noble and Karen Dutt-Doner, Tuesday September 26 at 1:00 p.m.

At the time of their deaths, Kim was Assistant Professor of Special Education, and Karen was Professor of Childhood Education. They educated and inspired countless Canisius students pursuing careers in teaching.

Please join us for this special event, which ironically falls on what would have been Dr. Leavitt-Noble’s birthday. No RSVP is required.

Using MediaScape Tables

Try our MediaScape tables for your next group project. These tables are designed with group collaboration in mind. MediaScape tables allow each member to work on their assigned part of the project independently. These tables also allowing other members of the group to view each other’s work by the touch of a button. Simply hook up your computers to the MediaScape pucks and you are ready to collaborate with your group. Not sure how? Follow the instructions below and you will be on your way.

Step 1: Connect MediaScape table puck to your computer. Step 2: Make sure the MediaScape table recognizes your computer. You will know this when the number 1 is lit on the puck.

IMG_0009.jpg     IMG_0010.jpg


Step 3: Tap the puck in order to display the contents of your computer onto the MediaScape flatscreen. The light will turn green when your your display is on the flatscreen.



Step 4: Connect one of the available MediaScape table pucks to your partner’s computer. This will allow you to alternate between both computers. When your partner taps their puck, the contents of their computer will be displayed on the flat screen.  

IMG_0015.jpg  IMG_0016.jpg


Step 5: While you and your partner are simultaneously hooked up to the MediaScape table you can alternate the flatscreen display by tapping your corresponding pucks.

IMG_0014 (1).jpg  IMG_0012.jpg

Step 6: Good Luck on your project.

Group Collaboration With NoodleTools

The NoodleTools citation management system includes features that facilitate seamless collaboration between students working on group projects or presentations. By creating a group project, all students in the group can contribute relevant resources, build notecards on each source that might highlight key points or direct quotes and paraphrasing, and build the content for an outline together. The project can even be linked to Google docs. All changes are updated in real time meaning no more passing updated files back and forth. This video shows how the group project collaboration works. The collaboration feature is another way that NoodleTools helps you to work smarter, not harder, on research assignments.

How do I set up a collaboration with my teammates?


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