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Faculty Promotion Ceremony - Friday, Sept. 21

Canisius College will be honoring faculty who have been promoted, received tenure, or achieved Emeritus status.

Please join us for this special celebration!

Friday, September 21, 2018, 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Andrew L. Bouwhuis Library, Main Floor



Mr. Benjamin Dunkle – Professor – DMA

Dr. Christy Hoffman – Tenure and Associate Professor - ABEC

Dr. Susan Margulis – Professor – ABEC

Dr. Melissa Mosko – Tenure and Associate Professor - Philosophy

Dr. Ronald Rivas – Professor - Management

Dr. Michael Wood – Professor – Physics

Dr. Khalid Bibi – Emeritus – OPS

Dr. Donald Bosshardt – Emeritus – Economics/Finance

Dr. Michael Braunscheidel – Emeritus – Management

Dr. Robert Butler – Emeritus –English

Dr. Robert Davis – Emeritus – Accounting

Dr. Patricia Erickson – Emeritus – Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice

Dr. Sandra Estanek – Emeritus – Graduate Education & Leadership

Dr. Janet Ferguson – Emeritus – Teacher Education

Dr. S. Catherine Foster – Emeritus – Communication Studies

Dr. Edward Gress – Emeritus – Accounting

Dr. James Huard – Emeritus – Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Patricia Hutton – Emeritus – Economics

Dr. George Kermis – Emeritus – Accounting

Dr. Leonid Khinkis – Emeritus – Mathematics & Statistics

Dr. Judith Larkin – Emeritus – Psychology

Dr. Larry Lichtenstein – Emeritus - Economics/Finance

Fr. Patrick Lynch – Emeritus – Religious Studies & Theology

Dr. Michele Marable – Emeritus – Teacher Education

Dr. Candalene McCombs – Emeritus - Sociology/Anthropology/Criminal Justice

Dr. Gordon Meyer – Emeritus – Management

Dr. Stephen Molloy - Emeritus – Management

Dr. Rosemary Murray – Emeritus - Graduate Education & Leadership

Dr.  Harvey Pines – Emeritus - Psychology

Dr. Susan Putnam - Emeritus – Psychology

Dr. Ronald Reiber - Emeritus - Economics/Finance

Dr. Mary Shea - Emeritus - Graduate Education & Leadership

Dr. David Snyder – Emeritus – Marketing

Dr. Richard Wall - Emeritus - Economics/Finance


New Interlibrary Loan Forms

Beginning today, August 8, Interlibrary Loan (ILL) accounts will move to a new site ( Request forms and personal account pages will have a new look, but all of the functions of our Interlibrary Loan services will remain.

You will have access to your old ILLiad account ( for 30 days if you need to access your request history, but all new and active requests will be transferred to our new ILL system.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns.



Would the library buy this?


Did you know you can suggest that the library buy a specific title and place it on hold for you?  We welcome all suggestions from Canisius students, faculty and staff and take these purchase suggestions seriously.  

There are two ways you can suggest a title. The first is to write your suggestion down on the suggestion slips located on the main library desk and drop it in the box.  Include as much information as you can and write your name on the slip if you would like the title held for you.

The second way is to submit the online form.  

Note in the “other information” box that you would like to have the title held for you.



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