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MISO Library Survey 2013

The Canisius College ALB Library and ITS conducted the MISO Survey during the Spring 2013 semester. George Emery was the designated campus MISO Survey Admisinstrator.


The MISO Survey is a web-based quantitative survey designed to measure how faculty, students, and staff view library and computing services in higher education.  The MISO Survey gathers the following types of data about computing and library services.

  • Frequency of service use
  • Importance of services
  • Satisfaction with services
  • Perceived service orientation of service point staff
  • Level of constituent knowledge about key issues
  • Use of computing and information tools
  • Skills & learning
  • Demographic factors

The MISO Survey addresses the following research questions:

  • What services and resources are important to our constituents, and how successfully do our organizations deliver them?
  • How effectively do we communicate with our campus communities about our services and resources?
  • How skilled are our constituents in the use of software and library databases? What additional skills do they wish to learn, and how do they wish to learn?
  • Which software and hardware tools do our constituents use, and which of these tools do they own?
  • What roles do our constituents play on campus?  What demographic factors identify them?
  • What benchmarks can be established for excellent delivery of library and computing services?

We selected to survey the following populations:

  • Faculty
  • Undergraduate students over the age of 18
  • Graduate students
  • College staff excluding library and ITS staff


Survey Process

A series of email messages were sent out to survey participants for notification of the actual survey. Follow up reminders were also sent to participants during the time period the survey was open and available. The survey was available for one week.

Response rates were the following for partial and completed responses:

  • Faculty - 57.4%
  • Graduate Students - 33%
  • Undergraduate Students - 42.1%
  • Staff - 61.5%


There were many comments about the survey process and the amount of time needed for completion. There were also a significant number of emails sent to the MISO Survey Administrator critiquing the process. The MISO Survey team met to discuss the process.

Library Results Evaluation

The survey results were evaluated and separated according to five general categories that were determined by the MISO campus administrator. Five groups were created along with a team leader for each group. Spreadsheets were created for each group containing relevant questions, responses and comments to be discussed and addressed by each group. There were some questions that overlap among the groups and all participants were given access to the data.  A report was created that included information gathered from each group. The report details how the library is responding to and assessing the issues and services designated in the survey and relating them to the strategic plan of the College and the Library.