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Using MediaScape Tables

Try our MediaScape tables for your next group project. These tables are designed with group collaboration in mind. MediaScape tables allow each member to work on their assigned part of the project independently. These tables also allowing other members of the group to view each other’s work by the touch of a button. Simply hook up your computers to the MediaScape pucks and you are ready to collaborate with your group. Not sure how? Follow the instructions below and you will be on your way.

Step 1: Connect MediaScape table puck to your computer. Step 2: Make sure the MediaScape table recognizes your computer. You will know this when the number 1 is lit on the puck.

IMG_0009.jpg     IMG_0010.jpg


Step 3: Tap the puck in order to display the contents of your computer onto the MediaScape flatscreen. The light will turn green when your your display is on the flatscreen.



Step 4: Connect one of the available MediaScape table pucks to your partner’s computer. This will allow you to alternate between both computers. When your partner taps their puck, the contents of their computer will be displayed on the flat screen.  

IMG_0015.jpg  IMG_0016.jpg


Step 5: While you and your partner are simultaneously hooked up to the MediaScape table you can alternate the flatscreen display by tapping your corresponding pucks.

IMG_0014 (1).jpg  IMG_0012.jpg

Step 6: Good Luck on your project.

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