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New Collaborative Learning Space Opens

The Library's new Collaborative Learning Space is now open and available to students as a study area.

New Group Study Room

A new group study room with technology on the main floor. It also contains ventilation and climate control for added comfort.

New Library Learning Center

The new Library Learning Center located on the main floor is taking shape.

Literary Magazines in the Library

Walking down the main stairway to the lower level of the library, just through the glass doors to your left, in the TV lounge you will notice a wall lined with literary magazines. Purchased for the Creative Writing Program, these magazines publish new poetry, fiction and experimental writing. Many are published by colleges and universities, whose students and faculty contribute their work.  The collection has been maintained, in part, by student donations. 




Archives Speaker Series - Wednesday April 2

The Canisius College Archives Speaker Series presents Connecting Through the Congo: Meeting the Past & Present Through the Archival Collections of the Congo Reform Association. Dean Pavlakis, Ph.D., Adjunct Professor of History will present his research into a pioneering humantarian movement from more than a century ago, and reveal how the "serendipity of the archives" led him down some unexpected paths.


Wednesday, April 2 on the second floor of the ALB Library at 3:30 pm.

How to find a journal by the title


The library catalog will help you find items found in the library and the databases.  This includes journals.  Follow these steps to check if Canisius owns the title:

  • Go to the library website:
  • Click on the Library Catalog tab located in the center of the page, then click in the search box.
  • Type in the journal title, hit search.
  • Look through result list for the title.
  • Click on title.  This will take you to the full catalog record.  This will tell you the dates we own, if it is online or in print, and the location or database name.
  • For more instructions with images, please click here.


If you need help, please stop by the reference desk, call us 716-888-8411 or email (


If you would like to browse our online journal titles, please click here.

Library Renovation Continues

The Curriculum Materials Center on the main floor is also undergoing renovation this semester. The CMC is temporarily located on the lower level during construction.


Contemporary Writers Series Posters Moved

The posters of the Canisius College Contemporary Writers Series have been moved for the library renovation. They are now located on the lower level near the compact shelves. You can read more about the series here.

Have you checked out a graphic novel recently?

The Graphic Novel Collection is located on the lower level.  There are hundreds of graphic novels available for checkout. They can be any type of genre, style, theme, or subject, including nonfiction topics. We have graphic novels suitable for every age group and reader preference. More information is available here including a search box specifically for graphic novels.

Library Renovation

Students returning to the Library after the break were not greeted at the front door by the familiar Moses the Griffalo. Moses was moved for the duration of the library renovation project currently taking place this semester. You can find him on the main floor in the back near the Main & Jefferson windows. This phase of renovation is scheduled to be completed in March. You can follow the progress on Facebook.



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